Our comprehensive range of crating solutions ensure
that your valuable assets are protected and transported

Production Crates

Experience efficiency at its best by choosing our pre-built production crates. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these standardized crates offer a swift and reliable solution for items with consistent dimensions. Beyond their quick assembly, these crates provide a robust and cost-effective packaging option, ensuring that your products are securely packed for a smooth and streamlined transportation process.



Entrust the safety of your heavy-duty industrial equipment to our precision-crafted industrial crates. Designed with a focus on durability and meticulous engineering, these crates guarantee the utmost protection during transportation. Whether it's heavy machinery or specialized equipment, our industrial crates are built to withstand the rigours of transit, ensuring your valuable assets reach their destination in optimal condition.

Heavy Duty Platforms &
Over-Sized Crates

When dealing with substantial items, rely on our heavy-duty platforms and over-sized crates. Tailored to accommodate large and irregularly shaped objects, these crates provide maximum protection for your most substantial assets. Our custom-built solutions ensure a secure fit, offering unparalleled security for items that go beyond standard dimensions.

Road, Air & Sea

Versatility meets security with our lift-vans designed for transportation across various modes. Whether it's a journey by road, air, or sea, these crating options offer a secure and adaptable solution for items of varying sizes and fragility. Count on our lift-vans to provide the flexibility needed to navigate different transportation environments while maintaining the highest level of protection for your cargo.

Trade Show

Stand out at trade shows with our specialized trade show crates. Beyond ensuring the protection of your exhibits, these crates are designed to make a visual impact. Safeguard your displays during transit and arrive with confidence, knowing that your trade show materials are ready to shine and leave a lasting impression.

Fine Art Custom

Elevate the protection of your fine art with our custom crates. Every crate is meticulously tailored to the specific dimensions and fragility of each piece, offering museum-quality protection. Ideal for transporting valuable artwork safely, these custom crates ensure that your art arrives at its destination in pristine condition, ready to captivate and inspire.